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This Book is Your Map to Facebook Ads Success! 
Hi there, my name is Chris Godfrey. I recently finished writing this book called 'How to Get Customers From Facebook Ads' and I want to give you a FREE copy! 

This book is NOT about "the non-existent secret button on Facebook", and it's not about "getting $1million dollars in 48 hours"... But I'm very confident that after reading this book, you'll know how to get customers for your business using Facebook Ads.

When you get this book, you WILL SEE the one Ad type we use 98% of the time for my business, and for my clients businesses too! And then you can copy the process.

If you've struggled understanding Facebook Ads in the past... 

My guess is that you've heard, read and watched too much conflicting info online. And it's NOT YOUR FAULT! There's a lot of crap online.
1000's of Happy Readers - Just Tell Me Where to Send Your Copy Above.  
Below are Just Two of the Many Emails, I've received since I started giving away this book.
💌 “ I love your book and have been taking it around to my Sales Mastermind sessions and group coaching sessions and promoting your awesome work. “
          Kon. Photographer, Australia.
📝 “I have reviewed the book which contains valuable information which is specific. unlike so many others.”
  Janak, IT Consulting. Australia.
What's in This Book
I cover all the basic stuff, literally from Step 0... and then here's SOME of the other stuff I cover..
  • Warning on common mistakes newbies make, that usually costs them hundreds OR THOUSANDS, straight off the bat. (you'll see how to avoid the common pitfalls).
  • Image. What image type to use if you have not had great success with Facebook before (page 46).: 
  • REFINE: How to refine an OK ad to make it a great ad. Once you’ve already got an Ad running (Page 55) 
  •  TIP: Tip for tracking your clicks and conversions from Facebook ads (page 18)
  •  PROBLEM SOLVE: 4 options to test when you have an ad running at breakeven or profitable. To take it up a notch.. (Page 63)
  •  TIP: What to do next if you set up you Ad but nothing happens. It’s about your Ad. (Page 38)
  •  REAL WORLD: 1 page of real world facts about Facebook Ads and what and who you should listen to. (Page 7)
PLUS, When Your Free Copy Of This Book Today, I'll Also Give You FREE ACCESS, to my 50 Minute Course That Will Help You Reach 83% More Sales. 
(I'll email it to you automatically after you get the book!)
PLUS, When Your Free Copy Of This Book Today, I'll Also Give You FREE ACCESS, to my 50 Minute Course That Will Help You Reach 83% More Sales. 
(I'll email it to you automatically after you get the book!)
Over 1,000 Business Owners Have Already Received Their Copy of This book..
Over 1,000 Business Owners Have Already Received Their Copy of This book..
Just like I mentioned above, this book is free. It's yours if you take advantage of this right now.

I don't have thousands printed, but there's enough for you to get a copy right now. After you tell me where to send it above, help with the shipping and handling, this book will be on it's way to you!
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I'm giving you this book for FREE today for two reasons. (1). This will help me spread my name and my companies name out into the world. and
(2). Maybe one day in the future, you and I will worth together again on something. 

But there's no pressure of course. 

I also want more business owners like you to at least know more than just the basics, so you can look forward to getting results. 
But.. you have to jump on this.
As of right now, yes we have copies of this book. BUT I RESERVE THE RIGHT to charge full price for this book one day soon.

This is a bit of a trial... To see how many business owners I can reach, by giving the book away for free. So grab it right now, while you'e here!
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Chris Godfrey

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There's no catch. Seriously. I'm just doing this as a trial to get our name "out there" some more. 

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 HURRY! This FREE Offer Won't Last Long! 
 HURRY! This FREE Offer Won't Last Long! 
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